Brian Liang
UX Interaction Designer


About me

Being obsessive about the way people interact with technology, I live for the design of such interactions - both on and beyond the screen. On the way to create true great products, I feel guilty to make distinction between every facet of the UX process. So I also move between thinking about user motivations, product goals, usability, front-end prototyping as well as aesthetics.

I currently work at Philips Design, crafting the future of healthcare experience across different platforms - native system on device, mobile/tablet/web app, and service system components. Prior to this, I worked for Siemens Corporate Research, Nokia Research Center, and a tech startup Zero Percent. I also had an immediate background of industrial design but later realized my real calling in interaction.

Besides designing, I love basketball, skiing, being outdoors with my loved ones, and eating, not necessarily in that order.


Designing Interactions

A few second break in user workflow breaks my heart. I clarify connections, generate intuitive flows, and simplify the complex in the user interface. I visit stakeholders to conduct contextual inquiries, document observations, and synthesize findings to inform user solutions.

Crafting Aesthetics

Poor design quality irks me. I dedicate to every pixel, as well as every 0.01-second in a motion. And I believe thru this craftsmanship of visuals and motions , one can create experience that is not only useful and easy to use, but also delightful and desirable.


I wonder if my obsession of understanding the users’ needs and the reasons for their behaviors is healthy, but it feels good. By measuring user experience, I employ a wide variety of research methodologies - both quantitative and qualitative.


I strive for high fidelity human relationships, but my mockups come in various fidelity levels. In different stages of design validation, I execute from the quick-and-dirty click-thru, to interactive prototypes with highly behavioral UI elements.